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DigitalRuby.FastLineRenderer Namespace

Fast Line Renderer Namespace
Public classFastLineRenderer
Fast line renderer script
Public classFastLineRendererDemoList
Demo script that creates lines from a list of points
Public classFastLineRendererDemoScript
Fast line renderer demo script with lots of different functions
Public classFastLineRendererProperties
Properties for creating lines
Public classPathGenerator
Utility class to assist in generating curves, splines, etc.
Public classReorderableList_Float
Reorderable list of float
Public classReorderableList_GameObject
Reorderable list of game object
Public classReorderableList_Int
Reorderable list of int
Public classReorderableList_Rect
Reorderable list of rect
Public classReorderableList_RectOffset
Reorderable list of rect offset
Public classReorderableList_String
Reorderable list of string
Public classReorderableList_Transform
Reorderable list of transform
Public classReorderableList_Vector3
Reorderable list of Vector3
Public classReorderableListT
Reorderable list of generic type
Public classReorderableListAttribute
Reorderable list attribute
Public classReorderableListBase
Reorderable list base
Public classReorderableListDrawer
Reorderable list property drawer
Public classSingleLineAttribute
Single line attribute, use in place of tooltip attribute
Public classSingleLineClampAttribute
Single line attribute that clamps, use in place of tooltip attribute
Public classSingleLineDrawer
Single line property drawer
Public structureLineGroupList
Represents a group of line
Public structureRangeOfFloats
Range of floats
Public structureRangeOfIntegers
Range of integers
Public enumerationFastLineRendererLineJoin
Line join modes
Public enumerationFastLineRendererLineSegmentType
Type of line segment
Public enumerationFastLineRendererSplineFlags
Spline flags