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SerializationHelper Class

Helper methods when serializing / deserializing fields with dynamic editor scripts
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  DigitalRuby.WeatherMaker
Assembly:  Assembly-CSharp (in Assembly-CSharp.dll) Version:
public static class SerializationHelper

The SerializationHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberDeserialize
Deserialize an object
Public methodStatic memberExtract3DTexture
Extract a 3D texture to a folder of images
Public methodStatic memberSerialize
Serialize an object
Public methodStatic memberSetDirty
Mark an object as dirty - only works in editor mode
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderBool
Header byte for Bools
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderByte
Header byte for bytes
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderColor
Header byte for colors
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderEnum
Header byte for Enums
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderFloat
Header byte for floats
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderFloatRange
Header byte for RangeofFloats
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderInt
Header byte for ints
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderIntRange
Header byte for RangeOfInts
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderQuaternion
Header byte for Quaternions
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderShort
Header byte for shorts
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderVector2
Header byte for Vector2s
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderVector3
Header byte for Vector3s
Public fieldStatic memberHeaderVector4
Header byte for Vector4s
Public fieldStatic memberTypesToHeader
Convert a type to header byte
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