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DigitalRuby.WeatherMaker Namespace

Weather Maker Namespace
Public classColorTween
Object used to tween Color values.
Public classCommandBufferExtensions
Command buffer extensions
Public classCommentDrawer
Comment drawer, allows drawing a label instead of a field
Public classEditorDrawLine
Draw lines helper class
Public classEnumFlagAttribute
Enum flags attribute, allows drawing a flags property drawer
Public classEnumFlagDrawer
Enum flag property drawer
Public classFloatTween
Object used to tween float values.
Public classGameObjectTweenExtensions
Extensions for tween for game objects - unity only
Public classGradientExtensions
Unity Gradient class extensions
Public classHelpBoxAttribute
Help box attribute, use to turn field into a help box property drawer
Public classHelpBoxAttributeDrawer
Help box property drawer
Public classLightningBolt
Lightning bolt
Public classLightningBoltLineRendererMesh
Class the encapsulates a game object, and renderer for lightning bolt meshes
Public classLightningBoltDependencies
Lightning bolt dependencies
Public classLightningBoltParameters
Parameters that control lightning bolt behavior
Public classLightningBoltSegmentGroup
A group of lightning bolt segments, such as the main trunk of the lightning bolt
Public classLightningCustomTransformDelegate
Transform delegate
Public classLightningCustomTransformStateInfo
Lightning transform state info
Public classLightningGenerator
Generates lightning
Public classLightningGeneratorPath
Generates lightning that follows a path
Public classLightningLightParameters
Light parameters
Public classLightningQualityMaximum
Contains maximum values for a given quality settings
Public classLightningThreadState
Lightning threading state
Public classMinMaxSliderAttribute
Min max slider attribute, used to turn a field into a min/max slider
Public classMinMaxSliderDrawer
Min max slider property drawer
Public classPopupList
Popup list editor window content
Public classPropertyDrawerExtensions
Property drawer extension methods
Public classQuaternionTween
Object used to tween Quaternion values.
Public classReadOnlyLabelAttribute
Read only label attribute
Public classSerializationHelper
Helper methods when serializing / deserializing fields with dynamic editor scripts
Public classSingleLineAttribute
Single line attribute
Public classSingleLineClampAttribute
Single line attribute with clamping
Public classSingleLineDrawer
Single line property drawer, used on RangeOfIntegers, RangeOfFloats or Vector4.
Public classTweenT
An implementation of a tween object.
Public classTweenFactory
Tween manager - do not add directly as a script, instead call the static methods in your other scripts.
Public classTweenScaleFunctions
Tween scale functions Implementations based on, which are based on
Public classVector2Tween
Object used to tween Vector2 values.
Public classVector3Tween
Object used to tween Vector3 values.
Public classVector4Tween
Object used to tween Vector4 values.
Public classWaitForSecondsLightning
Coroutine for lightning delays
Public classWeatherMakerAtmosphereProfileScript
Atmosphere profile
Public classWeatherMakerAudioManagerScript
Audio manager script, controls all ambient sounds and audio zones
Public classWeatherMakerAuroraManagerScript
Cloud manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerAuroraProfileScript
Aurora profile script, contains all aurora configuration fields
Public classWeatherMakerBaseScriptableObjectScript
Base class for Weather Maker scriptable objects
Public classWeatherMakerBoxFogScript
Box fog script
Public classWeatherMakerCameraProperties
Weather Maker camera properties
Public classWeatherMakerCelestialObjectScript
Makes a directional light a celestial object
Public classWeatherMakerCloudLayerProfileScript
Cloud layer profile, allows configuring a flat layer of clouds
Public classWeatherMakerCloudManager2DScript
Cloud manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerCloudManagerScript
Cloud manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerCloudNoiseGeneratorScript
Cloud noise generation script
Public classWeatherMakerCloudNoiseParameters
Cloud noise parameters
Public classWeatherMakerCloudNoiseProfileGroupScript
Cloud noise profile group script
Public classWeatherMakerCloudNoiseProfileScript
Cloud noise profile
Public classWeatherMakerCloudProbeScript
Cloud probe script, allows probing into the volumetric clouds and getting value back on CPU
Public classWeatherMakerCloudProfileScript
Weather maker cloud profile script, contains flat and volumetric layers
Public classWeatherMakerCloudVolumetricProfileScript
Volumetric cloud profile
Public classWeatherMakerCommandBuffer
Represents a command buffer
Public classWeatherMakerCommandBufferManagerScript
Command buffer manager
Public classWeatherMakerConeCreator
Allows creating cones
Public classWeatherMakerConfigurationScript
Configuration script for the Weather Maker configuration side panel
Public classWeatherMakerDampeningZoneScript
Dampening zone, reduces precipitation intensity, sound and light
Public classWeatherMakerDayNightCycleManagerScript
Day night cycle manager
Public classWeatherMakerDayNightCycleProfileScript
Day night cycle profile, contains all fields and properties for time of day and how they effect everything
Public classWeatherMakerDayNightCycleProfileScriptMoonInfo
Moon orbit information
Public classWeatherMakerDayNightCycleProfileScriptSunInfo
Sun orbit information
Public classWeatherMakerDemoAnimateMoveScript
Demo script for animating movement
Public classWeatherMakerDemoReflectionProbeScript
Demo script for updating reflection probe 30 times a second
Public classWeatherMakerDemoScript2D
2D demo script
Public classWeatherMakerDemoScriptCloudMask
Cloud mask script
Public classWeatherMakerDemoScriptSpotlightRotate
Rotate/move light script
Public classWeatherMakerDepthCameraScript
Depth texture creator for a camera
Public classWeatherMakerEditorUtility
Weather Maker editor utility functions
Public classWeatherMakerEvent
WeatherMaker event
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionAquasScript
Integration for AQUAS water and river set
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionCtsScript
Integration for CTS (Complete Terrain Shader)
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionMegaSplatScript
Integration for mega splat
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionMicroSplatScript
Integration for micro splat
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionRainSnowSeasonScriptT
Base extension script for rain/snow/season/wind
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionRtpTerrainScript
Integration for relief terrain pack
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionScriptT
Base extension script
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionUberScript
Integration for Uber - Standard Shader Ultra
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionVegetationStudioProScript
Integration for vegetation studio pro
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionWaterScriptT
Base water extension script
Public classWeatherMakerExtensionWorldManagerScript
World API extension script
Public classWeatherMakerFallingParticleScript
Precipitation script that uses particle systems
Public classWeatherMakerFallingParticleScript2D
Precipitation particle 2D script
Public classWeatherMakerFallingParticleScript3D
Precipitation particles 3D script
Public classWeatherMakerFogManagerScript
Fog manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerFogProfileScript
Base fog profile
Public classWeatherMakerFogScriptT
Base fog script with type of profile
Public classWeatherMakerFullScreenCloudsScript
Full screen cloud script and renderer
Public classWeatherMakerFullScreenEffect
Full screen effect, wraps up rendering multiple commands and command buffers in a nice wrapper class
Public classWeatherMakerFullScreenFogProfileScript
Full screen fog profile, contains all full screen fog rendering configuration
Public classWeatherMakerFullScreenFogScript
Contains all code to render and handle full screen fog
Public classWeatherMakerFullScreenOverlayScriptTProfile
Full screen overlay
Public classWeatherMakerFullScreenSnowOverlayScript
Full screen snow overlay script
Public classWeatherMakerFullScreenWetnessOverlayScript
Full screen wetness overlay script
Public classWeatherMakerGeometryUtility
Geometry helper methods
Public classWeatherMakerLegacyCloudScript2D
Legacy cloud 2D script
Public classWeatherMakerLightManagerScript
Manages lights in world space for use in shaders - you do not need to add the directional light to the Lights list, it is done automatically
Public classWeatherMakerLightManagerScriptLightState
Light state
Public classWeatherMakerLightningBoltPrefabScript
Lightning bolt prefab script
Public classWeatherMakerLightningBoltPrefabScriptBase
Lightning bolt base prefab script
Public classWeatherMakerLightningBoltScript
Lightning bolt script
Public classWeatherMakerLightningProfileScript
Lightning profile script, contains all properties that change lightning appearance
Public classWeatherMakerLightToSunIntensityScript
Set light intensity based on sun
Public classWeatherMakerLocationWeatherScript
Script to handle changing the weather based on location
Public classWeatherMakerLoopingAudioSource
Provides an easy wrapper to looping audio sources with nice transitions for volume when starting and stopping
Public classWeatherMakerMaterialCopy
Clones a material
Public classWeatherMakerMemberInfoExtensions
Reflection helper methods
Public classWeatherMakerMeteorShowerProfileScript
Meteor shower profile script
Public classWeatherMakerMeteorShowerScript
Meteor shower script
Public classWeatherMakerMirrorNetworkScript
Mirror networking extension script
Public classWeatherMakerNetworkPlayerScript
Network player script
Public classWeatherMakerNoNetworkConnection
Null network connection
Public classWeatherMakerNullZoneProfile
Null zone profile
Public classWeatherMakerNullZoneScript
A null zone can block precipitation, fog, overlay and water fog from rendering
Public classWeatherMakerObjectExtensions
Extension methods for objects
Public classWeatherMakerOffScreenBufferScript
Off screen buffer script
Public classWeatherMakerOpenWeatherMapApi
Open Weather Map API implementation
Public classWeatherMakerOriginOffsetEvent
WeatherMaker origin offset event
Public classWeatherMakerOutputParameterT
Output parameter
Public classWeatherMakerOutputParameterEventFloat
Output change event for float
Public classWeatherMakerOutputParameterFloat
Output parameter for float
Public classWeatherMakerOverlayProfileScript
Overlay profile script
Public classWeatherMakerOverlayProfileScriptBase
Base overlay profile script
Public classWeatherMakerParticleCollisionScript
Particle system collision handler script
Public classWeatherMakerParticleSortScript
Particle system sorting script (slow)
Public classWeatherMakerPerformanceProfileScript
Performance profile, contains all properties that change Weather Maker quality
Public classWeatherMakerPlanarReflectionScript
Planar reflection script
Public classWeatherMakerPlaneCreatorScript
Allows creating plane object
Public classWeatherMakerPlayerControllerScript
Player controller script
Public classWeatherMakerPlayerSoundManagerScript
Player sound manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerPrecipitationManagerScript
Precipitation manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerPrecipitationProfileScript
Precipitation profile, contains common precipitation rendering properties
Public classWeatherMakerProfileAndWeight
Contains a weather profile and the weight for that profile
Public classWeatherMakerProfileGroupScript
Represents a group of weather profiles
Public classWeatherMakerProfileScript
Weather profile script, contains all profiles for all Weather Maker effects
Public classWeatherMakerReflectionScript
Reflection script, manages cameras, etc.
Public classWeatherMakerReflectionScriptReflectionCameraInfo
Information about a camera reflection
Public classWeatherMakerResourceContainerScript
Profile to contain all weather maker resource references. Anything you want in the build needs to go in here, or needs to be in a Resources folder.
Public classWeatherMakerScript
Weather Maker master script
Public classWeatherMakerShaderPropertiesScript
Shader properties, wraps all the ways Unity lets you set shader values into a nice easy to use class
Public classWeatherMakerShadowMapScript
Shadow map generator script, add to a dir light
Public classWeatherMakerSkyManagerScript
Cloud manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerSkyPlaneScript
Sky plane script, handles all sky plane rendering and handling
Public classWeatherMakerSkyProfileScript
Sky profile script, contains all properties for sky rendering
Public classWeatherMakerSkySphereScript
Sky sphere renderer and general sky handling script
Public classWeatherMakerSoundGroupScript
A profile containing multiple sounds
Public classWeatherMakerSoundProfileScript
A group of sound groups
Public classWeatherMakerSoundScript
Sound script, profile for a set of audio clips
Public classWeatherMakerSoundZoneScript
Sound zone, manages sounds for a specific region
Public classWeatherMakerSphereCreator
Allows creating mesh spheres
Public classWeatherMakerSphereCreatorScript
Sphere creator
Public classWeatherMakerSphereFogScript
Fog sphere script
Public classWeatherMakerTemporalReprojectionState
Temporal reprojection state
Public classWeatherMakerThunderAndLightningManagerScript
Thunder and lightning manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerThunderAndLightningScript
Base class for thunder and lightning
Public classWeatherMakerThunderAndLightningScript2D
2D lightning script
Public classWeatherMakerThunderAndLightningScript3D
3D ligntning script
Public classWeatherMakerWaterProfileScript
Water profile script, contains all properties for rendering water
Public classWeatherMakerWaterScript
Water script, handles rendering Weather Maker water
Public classWeatherMakerWeatherZoneScript
Weather zones simply determine what weather profile should be used. Depending on whether the collider is intersected by a camera will determine what profile the camera sees. TODO: Add multi-camera and network support.
Public classWeatherMakerWetnessOverlayProfileScript
Wetness overlay profile script
Public classWeatherMakerWindManagerScript
Wind manager default implementation
Public classWeatherMakerWindProfileScript
Wind profile script, contains all fields for configuring wind
Public classWeatherMakerWindScript
Wind script, controls all wind handling
Public classWeatherMakerZullZoneState
Null zone state
Public classWMS
Public structureLightningBoltSegment
A single segment of a lightning bolt
Public structureRangeOfFloats
Represents a range of floats
Public structureRangeOfIntegers
A range of integers
Public structureWeatherMakerFullScreenCloudsScriptCloudProbeResult
Result of a cloud probe operation
Public interfaceIAuroraManager
Aurora manager interface
Public interfaceICloudManager
Cloud manager interface
Public interfaceIFogManager
Fog manager interface
Public interfaceIPlayerSoundManager
Player sound manager interface
Public interfaceIPrecipitationManager
Precipitation manager interface
Public interfaceISkyManager
Sky manager interface
Public interfaceIThunderAndLightningManager
Lightning manager interface
Public interfaceITween
Interface for a tween object.
Public interfaceITweenT
Interface for a tween object that handles a specific type.
Public interfaceIWeatherMakerLocationWeatherApi
Interface for query of external weather service like OpenWeatherMap, etc.
Public interfaceIWeatherMakerManager
Interface for all weather maker managers
Public interfaceIWeatherMakerNetworkConnection
Generic network connection interface
Public interfaceIWeatherMakerProvider
Provider of weather maker interfaces
Public interfaceIWindManager
Wind manager interface
Public enumerationAutoFindLightsMode
Auto find light mode
Public enumerationBlurShaderType
Blur shader type
Public enumerationCameraMode
Camera modes
Public enumerationHelpBoxMessageType
Help box message type
Public enumerationLightningBoltQualitySetting
Quality settings for lightning
Public enumerationLightningCustomTransformState
Transform state
Public enumerationNullZoneRenderMask
Null zone render mask
Public enumerationTweenState
State of an ITween object
Public enumerationTweenStopBehavior
The behavior to use when manually stopping a tween.
Public enumerationUVMode
UV mode for sphere generation
Public enumerationWeatherMakerAtmosphereQuality
Atmosphere rendering quality
Public enumerationWeatherMakerCameraType
Weather maker camera types
Public enumerationWeatherMakerCelestialObjectLightMode
Celestial object light modes
Public enumerationWeatherMakerCloudNoiseType
Cloud noise type
Public enumerationWeatherMakerCloudType
Types of clouds
Public enumerationWeatherMakerDayNightAmbientColorMode
Day / night cycle ambient color mode
Public enumerationWeatherMakerDownsampleScale
Down sample scales - do not change the values ever!
Public enumerationWeatherMakerExtensionRainSnowSeasonScriptTWeatherMakerRainSnowSeasonScriptFlags
Public enumerationWeatherMakerFogMode
Fog modes
Public enumerationWeatherMakerOrbitType
Orbit type
Public enumerationWeatherMakerPrecipitationType
Types of precipitation
Public enumerationWeatherMakerTemporalReprojectionSize
Temporal reprojection size
Public enumerationWeatherMakerTemporalReprojectionStateTemporalReprojectionBlendMode
Types of temporal reprojection blend modes
Public enumerationWeatherMakerTimeOfDayCategory
Time of day category
Public enumerationWeatherMakerVolumetricCloudsFlatLayerMask
Flay layer mask that are allowed with the volumetric clouds
Public enumerationWeatherMakeSkyMode
Sky modes