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WeatherMakerPlanarReflectionScript Fields

The WeatherMakerPlanarReflectionScript type exposes the following members.

Public fieldAspectRatio
Aspect ratio (width/height) for reflection camera, 0 for default.
Public fieldClipPlaneOffset
Near clip plane offset for reflection
Public fieldFarPlane
Far plane for reflection camera, 0 for default.
Public fieldFieldOfView
Field of view for reflection camera, 0 for default.
Public fieldLeftEyeTexture
Left eye texture, set automatically
Public fieldMaximumPerPixelLightsToReflect
Maximum per pixel lights in reflection
Public fieldNearPlane
Near plane for reflection camera, 0 for default.
Public fieldNormalIsForward
Whether normal is forward. True for (0,0,-1) false for (0,1,0). Quads are usually false, planes are usually true.
Public fieldReflectionCameraRenderingPath
The reflection camera render path. Set to 'UsePlayerSettings' to take on the observing camera rendering path. DO NOT CHANGE AT RUNTIME.
Public fieldReflectionMask
What layers to reflect, set to none or 0 to disable reflections.
Public fieldReflectionSamplerName
Reflection texture name for shaders to use
Public fieldReflectMaterial
Material put reflection textures on
Public fieldReflectRenderer
Renderer to draw reflection in, if null you must set ReflectMaterial.
Public fieldReflectSkybox
Whether to reflect the skybox
Public fieldRenderTextureFormat
Render texture format for reflection
Public fieldRenderTextureSize
Render texture size. Based on aspect ratio this will use this size as the width or height.
Public fieldRightEyeTexture
Right eye texture, set automatically
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