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DemoConfigureScript Fields

The DemoConfigureScript type exposes the following members.

Public fieldBoltCountSlider
Bolt count slider
Public fieldBoltCountValueLabel
Current bolt count label
Public fieldChaosSlider
Chaos factor slider
Public fieldChaosValueLabel
Current chaos factor label
Public fieldCopySeedButton
Button to copy the seed
Public fieldDistanceSlider
Distance slider
Public fieldDistanceValueLabel
Current distance label
Public fieldDurationSlider
Duration slider
Public fieldDurationValueLabel
Current duration label
Public fieldEndImage
End (ball) image
Public fieldFadePercentSlider
Fade percent slider
Public fieldFadePercentValueLabel
Current fade percent label
Public fieldForkednessSlider
Forkedness slider
Public fieldForkednessValueLabel
Current forkedness label
Public fieldGenerationsSlider
Generations slider
Public fieldGenerationsValueLabel
Current generations label
Public fieldGlowIntensitySlider
Glow intensity slider
Public fieldGlowIntensityValueLabel
Current glow intensity label
Public fieldGlowWidthSlider
Glow width slider
Public fieldGlowWidthValueLabel
Current glow width label
Public fieldGrowthMultiplierSlider
Growth multiplier slider
Public fieldGrowthMultiplierValueLabel
Current growth multiplier label
Public fieldIntensitySlider
Intensity slider
Public fieldIntensityValueLabel
Intensity value label
Public fieldLightningBoltScript
Lightning bolt script
Public fieldOrthographicToggle
Toggle orthographic mode
Public fieldSeedInputField
Input field to change the seed
Public fieldSeedLabel
Current seed label
Public fieldSpaceBarLabel
Instructions to use spacebar to create lightning
Public fieldStartImage
Start (anchor) image
Public fieldTrunkWidthSlider
Trunk width slider
Public fieldTrunkWidthValueLabel
Current trunk width label
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