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DigitalRuby.ThunderAndLightning Namespace

Procedural Lightning Namespace
Public classDemoConfigureScript
Demo script to configure a script for lightning
Public classDemoMeshScript
Demo mesh script, unused currently
Public classDemoPathScript
Apply rotation to a crate
Public classDemoPlayerControllerScript
Lightning player controller script
Public classDemoScript
Main demo script to configure lightning
Public classDemoScript2D
Rotates a sprite
Public classDemoScriptManualAutomatic
Demo script to toggle between automatic and manual lightning
Public classDemoScriptMoveRandomly
Move an object randomly
Public classDemoScriptPrefabTutorial
Trigger lightning with spacebar
Public classDemoScriptReloadSceneEsc
Press ESC to reload a scene
Public classDemoScriptRotate
Demo script to rotate an object
Public classDemoScriptTriggerPath
Demo script for lightning spline path
Public classLightningBeamSpellScript
Lightning bolt beam spell script, like a phasor or laser
Public classLightningBolt
Lightning bolt
Public classLightningBoltLineRendererMesh
Class the encapsulates a game object, and renderer for lightning bolt meshes
Public classLightningBoltDependencies
Lightning bolt dependencies
Public classLightningBoltParameters
Parameters that control lightning bolt behavior
Public classLightningBoltPathScript
Lightning bolt path script implementation
Public classLightningBoltPathScriptBase
Base lghtning bolt path script
Public classLightningBoltPrefabScript
Lightning bolt prefab script, base script to create lightning using a prefab
Public classLightningBoltPrefabScriptBase
Lightning bolt prefab base script
Public classLightningBoltScript
Lightning bolt script
Public classLightningBoltSegmentGroup
A group of lightning bolt segments, such as the main trunk of the lightning bolt
Public classLightningBoltShapeConeScript
Lightning bolt cone shape script, draws lightning in a cone coming from inner radius spreading to outter radius at length
Public classLightningBoltShapeSphereScript
Lightning bolt sphere shape script, creates lightning inside a sphere
Public classLightningBoltTransformTrackerScript
Lightning bolt transform tracker script, keeps lightning anchored properly between two transforms
Public classLightningCustomTransformDelegate
Lightning custom transform delegate
Public classLightningCustomTransformStateInfo
Lightning custom transform info
Public classLightningFieldScript
Lightning field script, creates lightning in a cube
Public classLightningGenerator
Lightning generator base class
Public classLightningGeneratorPath
Generates lightning that follows a path
Public classLightningGizmoScript
Draws lightning bolt script gizmos
Public classLightningLightParameters
Lightning light parameters
Public classLightningLightsabreScript
Lightning bolt script that acts like a laser sword
Public classLightningMeshSurfaceScript
Script that generates lightning on the surface of a mesh
Public classLightningParticleCollisionForwarder
This script simply allows forwarding collision events for the objects that collide with something. This allows you to have a generic collision handler and attach a collision forwarder to your child objects. In addition, you also get access to the game object that is colliding, along with the object being collided into, which is helpful.
Public classLightningParticleSpellScript
Lightning bolt spell that uses a particle system
Public classLightningQualityMaximum
Contains maximum values for a given quality settings
Public classLightningSpellScript
Base script for lightning bolt spells
Public classLightningSplineScript
Lightning bolt spline script, helps lightning curve around path points
Public classLightningSpriteSheetCreator
Helps create lightning sprite sheets
Public classLightningThreadState
Lightning threading state
Public classLightningWhipScript
Lightning whip script
Public classLightningWhipSpell
Lightning whip spell, think Balrog but with lightning instead of fire
Public classMeshHelper
Mesh helper methods
Public classPathGenerator
Utility class to assist in generating curves, splines, etc.
Public classSingleLineAttribute
Apply to a field to make it render in one line
Public classSingleLineClampAttribute
Same as SingleLineAttribute but with clamp
Public classSingleLineDrawer
Single line drawer, used on Vector4, RangeOfFloats and RangeOfIntegers
Public classThunderAndLightningScript
Thunder and lightning script for random lightning bolts
Public classWaitForSecondsLightning
Fast coroutine for delays
Public structureLightningBoltSegment
A single segment of a lightning bolt
Public structureRangeOfFloats
Min and max range of floats (inclusive)
Public structureRangeOfIntegers
Min and max range of int (inclusive)
Public interfaceICollisionHandler
Collision handler interface
Public enumerationCameraMode
Camera modes
Public enumerationLightningBoltQualitySetting
Quality settings for lightning
Public enumerationLightningCustomTransformState
Lightning custom transfrom state