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WeatherMakerSkyProfileScript Class

Sky profile script, contains all properties for sky rendering
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Namespace:  DigitalRuby.WeatherMaker
Assembly:  Assembly-CSharp (in Assembly-CSharp.dll) Version:
public class WeatherMakerSkyProfileScript : ScriptableObject

The WeatherMakerSkyProfileScript type exposes the following members.

Public methodWeatherMakerSkyProfileScript
Initializes a new instance of the WeatherMakerSkyProfileScript class
Public propertyhideFlags

Should the object be hidden, saved with the scene or modifiable by the user?

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Public propertyname

The name of the object.

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Returns the name of the GameObject.

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Public methodUpdateSkyPlane
Perform updates to the sky plane based on profile settings
Public methodUpdateSkySphere
Perform updates to the sky sphere based on profile settings
Public fieldAtmosphereProfile
Atmosphere profile
Public fieldCheckForEclipse
Allows eclipses - beware Unity bug that causes raycast to be very expensive. If you see CPU spike, disable.
Public fieldDawnDuskTexture
The dawn / dusk texture (ignored for procedural sky mode).
Public fieldDayTexture
The daytime texture (ignored for procedural sky mode).
Public fieldDitherLevel
Dither level
Public fieldLightWaveLengths
Light wave lengths (RGB, Tint Range)
Public fieldNightDuskMultiplier
How much color in the sky reduces the night sky. The max rgb of the sky is multiplied by this value (with a min of 1.0). (1.0 - this value) * night sky is final night sky value.
Public fieldNightIntensity
Intensity of night sky. Pixels that don't meet the NightVisibilityThreshold will still be invisible.
Public fieldNightPower
Night power. The night multiplier is raised by this power. Set to less than 1.0 to cause the night sky and starts to come in faster.
Public fieldNightTexture
The night time texture
Public fieldNightTwinkleMinimum
The minimum of the max rgb component for the night pixel to twinkle
Public fieldNightTwinkleRandomness
The amount of randomness in the night sky twinkle
Public fieldNightTwinkleSpeed
How fast the twinkle pulsates
Public fieldNightTwinkleVariance
The variance of the night twinkle. The higher the value, the more variance.
Public fieldNightVisibilityThreshold
Night pixels must have an R, G or B value greater than or equal to this to be visible. Raise this value if you want to hide dimmer elements of your night texture or there is a lot of light pollution, i.e. a city.
Public fieldRotateAxis
Allow rotating on an axis with day/night cycle. Set to all 0 for no rotation. Requires procedural sky mode (non-textured).
Public fieldSkyCameraHeightFadeMultiplier
Sky camera height fade multiplier, camera y value is multiplied by this and fade is reduced by the result. This lets you start the sky fade only as the camera moves higher into the sky.
Public fieldSkyDepthFadeStart
Start of sky depth fade. Set to 1.0 for no fade. 0.5 to start fade about halfway to far plane, etc.
Public fieldSkyExposure
Sky sphere exposure, decrease/increase brightness
Public fieldSkyGradient
Sky gradient. Useful for extra tint of sky and clouds as sun nears the horizon. Center of gradient is sun right at horizon.
Public fieldSkyInnerRadius
Sky inner radius
Public fieldSkyMode
The sky mode. 'Textured' uses a texture for day, dawn/dusk and night. 'Procedural textured' combines a procedural sky with the day and dawn/dusk textures using alpha, and uses the night texture as is. 'Procedural' uses the night texture as is and does everything else procedurally.
Public fieldSkyOuterRadius
Sky outer radius
Public fieldSkyTintColor
Sky tint color
Public fieldYOffsetMultiplier
Adjust the y value of the ray for the sky.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCachedName
Get cached name
(Defined by WeatherMakerObjectExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetCachedName
Put name in the cache
(Defined by WeatherMakerObjectExtensions.)
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