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WeatherMakerFullScreenCloudsScript Fields

The WeatherMakerFullScreenCloudsScript type exposes the following members.

Public fieldAllowReflections
Whether to render clouds in reflection cameras.
Public fieldAuroraAnimationDuration
Aurora animation in seconds when changing aurora profile
Public fieldAuroraProfile
Aurora borealis profile
Public fieldAutoCloneCloudProfileOnChange
Whether to auto-clone the cloud profile when it changes. Set to false to directly edit an original cloud profile. Be careful if this is false - you can accidently overwrite changes to your cloud profile.
Public fieldAutoSetTemporalReprojectionBlendMode
Whether to auto-set the temporal reprojection material blend mode to sharp with fallback to blur if lightning is showing. Set to false to not auto-set the blend mode and leave as is.
Public fieldBeforeCloudsRenderHooks
Allow rendering to command buffer before the clouds render
Public fieldBilateralBlurMaterial
Bilateral Blur Material
Public fieldBlurMaterial
Blur Material.
Public fieldBlurShader
Blur Shader Type.
Public fieldCloudRayOffset
Additional offset to cloud ray to bring clouds up or down.
Public fieldCloudRealtimeNoiseProfile
Real-time cloud noise profile, extremely slow do not use normally
Public fieldDownSampleScale
Down sample scale.
Public fieldDownSampleScalePostProcess
Downsample scale for cloud post process (dir light rays, etc.)
Public fieldFullScreenMaterial
Material to blit the full screen clouds.
Public fieldMaterial
Cloud rendering material.
Public fieldRenderQueue
Render Queue
Public fieldShadowMaterial
Material for cloud shadows
Public fieldTemporalReprojection
Temporal reprojection size - allows rendering a portion of this effect over a number of frames to spread cost out over time. This can introduce rendering artifacts so be on the lookout for that.
Public fieldTemporalReprojectionMaterial
Material for temporal reprojection
Public fieldWeatherMapMaskOverride
Override the weather map mask no matter what the cloud profile is specifying. Alpha channel of 0 blocks clouds completely, 1 shows clouds completely.
Public fieldWeatherMapMaterial
Weather map material (volumetric clouds)
Public fieldWeatherMapOverride
Override the weather map no matter what the cloud profile is specifying. R = cloud coverage, G = reserved, B = cloud type (0 = stratus, 1 = cumulus), A = reserved.
Public fieldWeatherMapRegenerateSeedOnEnable
Whether to regenerate a weather map seed when the script is enabled. Set this to false if you don't want the weather map to change when the script is re-enabled.
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