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WeatherMakerCelestialObjectScript Fields

The WeatherMakerCelestialObjectScript type exposes the following members.

Public fieldFlareCloudProbeTarget
Game object to use as lens flare cloud probe target. This object should have a cloud probe script on it.
Public fieldHorizonMultiplier
Horizon multiplier (x = multiplier, y = max intensity, z = power reducer). Increases light intensity in certain effects like clouds as object reaches horizon. Great for brighter sunsets.
Public fieldIsSun
Whether this is a sun (false if moon)
Public fieldLensFlareBlocker
Used to block lens flare if clouds are over the sun. Just needs to be a sphere collider.
Public fieldLightBaseIntensity
The intensity of the light of the object at default (full) intensity
Public fieldLightBaseShadowStrength
The shadow strength of the light of the object at default (full) shadow intensity
Public fieldLightColor
Light color
Public fieldLightMode
Light mode. If set to None, you must set the light intensity yourself.
Public fieldLightMultiplier
Light multiplier
Public fieldLightPower
Light power, controls how intense the light lights up the clouds, etc. near the object. Lower values reduce the radius and increase the intensity.
Public fieldMinimumCloudCoverToBlockLensFlare
Minimum cloud cover to block the lens flare.
Public fieldOrbitType
The orbit type. Only from Earth orbit is currently supported.
Public fieldRotateYDegrees
Rotation about y axis - changes how the celestial body orbits over the scene
Public fieldScale
The scale of the object. For the sun, this is shader specific. For moons, this is a percentage of camera far plane.
Public fieldShaftMultiplier
Shafts multiplier. Brightens up cloud or fog shafts. Useful for moons.
Public fieldTintColor
Tint color of the object.
Public fieldTintIntensity
Tint intensity
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