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WeatherMakerPerformanceProfileScript Class

Performance profile, contains all properties that change Weather Maker quality
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Namespace:  DigitalRuby.WeatherMaker
Assembly:  Assembly-CSharp (in Assembly-CSharp.dll) Version:
public class WeatherMakerPerformanceProfileScript : ScriptableObject

The WeatherMakerPerformanceProfileScript type exposes the following members.

Public methodWeatherMakerPerformanceProfileScript
Initializes a new instance of the WeatherMakerPerformanceProfileScript class
Public propertyhideFlags

Should the object be hidden, saved with the scene or modifiable by the user?

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The name of the object.

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Public fieldAtmosphereQuality
Enable atmospheric scattering
Public fieldAtmosphericLightShaftMaxRayLength
Atmospheric scattering light shaft max ray length
Public fieldAtmosphericLightShaftSampleCount
Atmospheric scattering light shaft sample count, 0 to disable
Public fieldAuroraSampleCount
Aurora sample count max
Public fieldAuroraSubSampleCount
Aurora sub-sample count max
Public fieldEnableFogLights
Whether to enable volumetric fog point/spot lights. Fog always uses directional lights. Disable to improve performance.
Public fieldEnablePerPixelLighting
Whether per pixel lighting is enabled - currently precipitation particles are the only materials that support this. Turn off if you see a performance impact.
Public fieldEnablePrecipitationCollision
Whether to enable precipitation collision. This can impact performance, so turn off if this is a problem.
Public fieldEnableTonemap
Whether to enable tonemapping for effects that support it. If you are using post process color grading, consider setting this to false.
Public fieldEnableVolumetricClouds
Whether to allow volumetric clouds, if false the volumetric cloud member of any cloud profile will be nulled before being set.
Public fieldFogDownsampleScale
Downsample scale for fog
Public fieldFogDownsampleScaleFullScreenShafts
Downsample scale for fog full screen shafts
Public fieldFogFullScreenSunShaftSampleCount
Sample count for full screen fog sun shafts. Set to 0 to disable.
Public fieldFogNoiseSampleCount
Fog noise sample count, 0 to disable fog noise.
Public fieldFogShadowSampleCount
Fog dir light shadow sample count, 0 to disable fog shadows.
Public fieldFogTemporalReprojectionSize
Temporal reprojection size for fog
Public fieldIgnoreReflectionProbes
Whether to ignore reflection probe cameras. For an indoor scene or if you don't care to reflect clouds, fog, etc. set this to true.
Public fieldReflectionShadows
Reflection shadow mode.
Public fieldReflectionTextureSize
Reflection texture size, bigger textures look better but at a cost of additional rendering time. Set to 127 to disable reflections.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudAllowReflections
Whether to allow volumetric cloud reflections.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudDirLightLod
LOD to add to dir light samples.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudDirLightRayDither
Dithering intensity for dir light rays.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudDirLightRaySampleCount
Sample count for volumetric cloud dir light rays. Set to 0 to disable.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudDirLightSampleCount
Volumetric cloud dir light sample count for cloud self shadowing.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudDirLightSampleDetails
Whether to sample volumetric cloud details for dir light self shadowing
Public fieldVolumetricCloudDirLightStepMultiplier
Multiplier for directional light ray march distance for cloud self shadowing.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudDownsampleScale
Downsample scale for clouds
Public fieldVolumetricCloudDownsampleScalePostProcess
Downsample scale for cloud post process (dir light rays, etc.)
Public fieldVolumetricCloudLod
Volumetric cloud noise lod, used to increase mip level during noise sampling.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudMaxRayLengthMultiplier
Volumetric cloud max ray length multiplier, accumulates noise over longer distance, especially at horizon
Public fieldVolumetricCloudNoiseMultiplier
Allows increasing noise values taken with volumetric clouds to get out of raymarching faster. Makes thicker, heavier, less whispy clouds.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudRayDither
Dither cloud ray direction to try and avoid banding, 0 for none.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudRaymarchInCloudStepMultiplier
Reduce cloud raymarch by this amount while in a cloud. Reduce for better cloud details but watch out for artifacts. Ignored if skip threshold is 0.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudRaymarchMaybeInCloudStepMultiplier
Reduce cloud raymarch by this amount while possibly in a cloud. Reduce for better cloud details but watch out for artifacts. Ignored if skip threshold is 0.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudRaymarchMultiplier
Ray march multiplier. Greater than 1.0 improves performance but can reduce quality.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudRaymarchSkipMultiplier
Once skip threshold is reached, continually multiply step distance by this value. Ignored if skip threshold is 0.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudRaymarchSkipMultiplierMaxCount
The max number of times to multiply the raymarch distance, this ensures that the ray march step distance does not become so large that it misses clouds.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudRaymarchSkipThreshold
Number of ray marches with no cloud before increasing ray march step. 0 to disable this feature.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudSampleCount
Volumetric cloud sample count range
Public fieldVolumetricCloudShadowDownsampleScale
Volumetric cloud shadow downsample scale
Public fieldVolumetricCloudShadowSampleCount
Number of samples for volumetric cloud self shadowing
Public fieldVolumetricCloudShadowTextureSize
Volumetric cloud shadow texture size. Higher values provide smoother shadows at the cost of a larger lookup texture. This should be a power of 2.
Public fieldVolumetricCloudTemporalReprojectionSize
Temporal reprojection size for clouds
Public fieldVolumetricCloudWeatherMapSize
Volumetric cloud weather map size. Higher weather maps allow smoother clouds and movement at the cost of a larger weather map texture. This should be a power of 2.
Public fieldWaterEnableCaustics
Whether to enable water caustics
Public fieldWaterEnableFoam
Whether to enable water foam
Public fieldWaterEnableRefraction
Whether to enable water refraction
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCachedName
Get cached name
(Defined by WeatherMakerObjectExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetCachedName
Put name in the cache
(Defined by WeatherMakerObjectExtensions.)
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