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WeatherMakerCloudProfileScript Class

Weather maker cloud profile script, contains flat and volumetric layers
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  DigitalRuby.WeatherMaker
Assembly:  Assembly-CSharp (in Assembly-CSharp.dll) Version:
public class WeatherMakerCloudProfileScript : ScriptableObject

The WeatherMakerCloudProfileScript type exposes the following members.

Public methodWeatherMakerCloudProfileScript
Initializes a new instance of the WeatherMakerCloudProfileScript class
Public propertyAtmosphereProfile
Atmosphere profile
Public propertyAuroraProfile
Aurora profile
Public propertyCloudCoverTotal
Sum of cloud cover, max of 1
Public propertyCloudDensityTotal
Sum of cloud density, max of 1
Public propertyCloudDirectionalLightDirectBlock
Directional light block
Public propertyCloudGlobalShadow
Cloud global shadow value
Public propertyCloudLightAbsorptionTotal
Sum of cloud light absorption, max of 1
Public propertyCloudsEnabled
Checks whether clouds are enabled
Public propertyhideFlags

Should the object be hidden, saved with the scene or modifiable by the user?

(Inherited from Object.)
Public propertyname

The name of the object.

(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodClone
Deep clone the entire profile
Public methodCopyStateTo
Copy profile state to another profile
Public methodEnsureNonNullLayers
Ensure all layers have profiles
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
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Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetInstanceID

Returns the instance id of the object.

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Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodSetDirty Obsolete. (Inherited from ScriptableObject.)
Public methodSetShaderCloudParameters
Set shader cloud values
Public methodToString

Returns the name of the GameObject.

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Public methodUpdate
Public methodUpdateWeatherMap
Update the weather map
Public fieldCloudHeight
Cloud height.
Public fieldCloudHeightTop
Cloud height top - clouds extend from CloudHeight to this value.
Public fieldCloudLayer1
The first, and lowest cloud layer, null for none
Public fieldCloudLayer2
The second, and second lowest cloud layer, null for none
Public fieldCloudLayer3
The third, and third lowest cloud layer, null for none
Public fieldCloudLayer4
The fourth, and highest cloud layer, null for none
Public fieldCloudLayerVolumetric1
Allow a single layer of volumetric clouds. In the future, more volumetric layers might be supported
Public fieldCloudLightStrength
How much clouds affect directional light intensity, lower values ensure no reduction. Ignored for volumetric clouds.
Public fieldCloudPlanetRadius
Planet radius for sphere cloud mapping. 1200000.0 seems to work well.
Public fieldDirectionalLightIntensityMultiplier
How much to multiply directional light intensities by when clouds are showing. Ignored for volumetric clouds.
Public fieldDirectionalLightScatterMultiplier
How much the clouds reduce directional light scattering. Affects fog and other volumetric effects.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudCoverageAdder
Cloud coverage adder. Higher values create more cloud coverage.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudCoveragePower
Cloud coverage power. Higher values create more firm cloud coverage edges.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudCoverageRotation
Rotation of cloud coverage. Rotates coverage map around center of weather map.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudCoverageScale
Scale of cloud coverage. Higher values produce smaller clouds.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudCoverageVelocity
Weather map cloud coverage velocity, xy units per second, z change per second
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudTypeAdder
Cloud type adder. Higher values create more cloud type.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudTypePower
Cloud type power. Higher values create more firm cloud type edges.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudTypeRotation
Rotation of cloud type. Rotates cloud type map around center of weather map.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudTypeScale
Scale of cloud types. Higher values produce more jagged clouds.
Public fieldWeatherMapCloudTypeVelocity
Weather map cloud type velocity, xy units per second, z change per second
Public fieldWeatherMapRenderTextureMask
Set a custom weather map texture mask, this will mask out all areas of the weather map based on lower alpha values.
Public fieldWeatherMapRenderTextureMaskOffset
Offset of weather map mask (0 - 1). Velocity is applied automatically but you can set manually as well.
Public fieldWeatherMapRenderTextureMaskOffsetClamp
Clamp for weather map mask offset to ensure that it does not go too far out of bounds.
Public fieldWeatherMapRenderTextureMaskVelocity
Velocity of weather map mask in uv coordinates (0 - 1)
Public fieldWeatherMapRenderTextureOverride
Set a custom weather map texture, bypassing the auto-generated weather map
Public fieldWeatherMapScale
Weather map scale, x,y = noise generation multiplier, z = world scale.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCachedName
Get cached name
(Defined by WeatherMakerObjectExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetCachedName
Put name in the cache
(Defined by WeatherMakerObjectExtensions.)
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