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DigitalRubyShared Namespace

DigitalRubyShared is where all the fingers gestures code resides. Use 'using DigitalRubyShared;' in your scripts to include.
Public classDemoAsteroidScript
Simple script that destroys an object when it is not visible anymore
Public classDemoScript
The DemoScene demo script
Public classDemoScript3DOrbit
Demo script for 3d orbit
Public classDemoScriptComponent
Demo script component, allows easily adding a gesture through Unity components
Public classDemoScriptDimmingView
Allows hiding a dimming view
Public classDemoScriptDPad
DPad demo script
Public classDemoScriptDragSwipe
Demo a drag and swipe away
Public classDemoScriptDynamicGrid
A dynamic grid that lays itself out in rows and columns
Public classDemoScriptImage
Demo script that matches a drawn image
Public classDemoScriptJoystick
Joystick demo script
Public classDemoScriptMoveFire
Move and fire demo script
Public classDemoScriptMultiDrag
Multi-drag component script
Public classDemoScriptMultiFingerTap
Multiple finger at once tap demo script
Public classDemoScriptOneFinger
One finger rotate and scale demo script
Public classDemoScriptPan
Pan demo script
Public classDemoScriptPlatformSpecificView
Platform specific view demo script
Public classDemoScriptRaycast
Demo raycast script, checks a tap and sees which object was tapped
Public classDemoScriptSwipe
Swipe demo script
Public classDemoScriptTapAndDoubleTap
Tap and double tap demo script
Public classDemoScriptVirtualTouches
This demo script shows how to implement virtual touches. Mapping AR, VR or any other input system to fingers is super easy. Please look over all the TODO: in this script.
Public classDemoScriptZoomableScrollView
Scrollview demo script
Public classDemoScriptZoomPanCamera
Zoom pan demo script
Public classDeviceInfo
Contains device information
Public classFingersCameraMove3DComponentScript
Allows moving a camera in 3D space using pan, tilt, rotate and zoom mechanics
Public classFingersCrossPlatformInputReflectionScript
Allow interacting with cross platform input without knowing whether the cross platform input script is in the project
Public classFingersDPadScript
Represents a dpad that can be used just like a real-controller with 4 directions
Public classFingersDragDropComponentScript
Allows a long tap and hold to move an object around and release it at a new point. Add this script to the object to drag.
Public classFingersFirstPersonControllerScript
First person controller that allows using pans and taps to move and jump
Public classFingersImageAutomationScript
Wraps the fingers image gesture in a way that allows easy and quick creation of multiple image gestures
Public classFingersImageGestureHelperComponentScript
A little higher level script that includes an option to allow line renderers to draw the path for you. You can leave the line renderers and match text as null if you will be drawing your own lines and text for when there is a match.
Public classFingersJoystickAnywhereComponentScript
The joystick anywhere script creates a virtual joystick wherever the pan starts. This acts as the joystick center until finger lifts. When a new pan starts, the new joystick center is wherever that pan started.
Public classFingersJoystickScript
Represents a joystick that can move in arbitrary direction or 8 axis
Public classFingersMultiDragComponentScript
Allows dragging multiple objects with just one gesture
Public classFingersOneTouchScaleAxisComponentScript
Unity component that wraps a one finger scale gesture
Public classFingersPanARComponentScript
Useful script for using a pan gesture to move an object forward or back along z axis using pan up and down and left or right using pan left or right
Public classFingersPanOrbitComponentScript
Allows orbiting a target using a pan gesture to drag up and down or left and right to orbit, and pinch to zoom in and out
Public classFingersPanRotateScaleComponentScript
Allows two finger pan, scale and rotate on a game object
Public classFingersPlatformMoveJumpComponentScript
Allow controlling a rigid body in 2D with jump, move and drop through platform ability
Public classFingersRotateCameraComponentScript
Allows rotating a transform using a pan gesture, allowing the transform to be rotated around using left/right or up/down pans.
Public classFingersRotateOrbitComponentScript
Allows rotating around a target using a two finger rotation gesture
Public classFingersScript
The main Unity fingers script - only one of these should exist. FingersScript.Instance gives you easy access to add and remove gestures.
Public classFingersScrollViewComponentScript
Represents a scroll view, very similar to UIScrollView from UIKit.
Public classFingersThirdPersonControllerScript
A third person controller that allows movement and jumping
Public classFingersUtility
Utility methods
Public classFingersZoomPanCameraComponentScript
Allows zooming and panning a camera using pan and scale gestures. A tap gesture is also included to force the camera to look at the tapped object.
Public classGestureLogger
Logger for gestures
Public classGestureRecognizer
A gesture recognizer allows handling gestures as well as ensuring that different gestures do not execute at the same time. Platform specific code is required to create GestureTouch sets and pass them to the appropriate gesture recognizer(s). Creating extension methods on the DigitalRubyShared.GestureRecognizer class is a good way.
Public classGestureRecognizerComponentEvent
Gesture recognizer component event
Public classGestureRecognizerComponentEventVector2
Gesture recognizer component event with Vector2
Public classGestureRecognizerComponentScriptT
Base class for component gesture scripts with a type of gesture
Public classGestureRecognizerComponentScriptBase
Base class for component gesture scripts
Public classGestureRecognizerComponentStateUpdatedEvent
Update event for gesture recognizers
Public classGestureVelocityTracker
Tracks and calculates velocity for gestures
Public classImageGestureImage
Represents an image that can be drawn with a gesture - when you get a valid image you care about, it is good practice to call Reset on this gesture.
Public classImageGestureRecognizer
Attempts to create an image out of the gesture and compare with a set of images
Public classImageGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Allows recognizing gestures that match the pattern of an image
Public classLongPressGestureRecognizer
A long press gesture detects a tap and hold and then calls back for movement until the touch is released
Public classLongPressGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Wraps a long press gesture in a component
Public classOneTouchRotateGestureRecognizer
Allows rotating an object with just one finger. Typically you would put this on a button with a rotation symbol and then when the user taps and drags off that button, something would then rotate.
Public classOneTouchRotateGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Wraps a one touch rotate gesture in a component
Public classOneTouchScaleGestureRecognizer
Allows scaling with a single touch
Public classOneTouchScaleGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Warps a one touch scale gesture in a component
Public classPanGestureRecognizer
A pan gesture detects movement of a touch
Public classPanGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Wraps a pan gesture in a component
Public classRotateGestureRecognizer
A rotate gesture uses two touches to call back rotation angles as the two touches twist around a central point
Public classRotateGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Wraps a rotate gesture in a component
Public classScaleGestureRecognizer
A scale gesture detects two fingers moving towards or away from each other to scale something
Public classScaleGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Wraps a scale gesture in a component
Public classSwipeGestureRecognizer
A swipe gesture is a rapid movement in one of five directions: left, right, down, up or any.
Public classSwipeGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Wraps a swipe gesture in a component
Public classTapGestureRecognizer
A tap gesture detects one or more consecutive taps. The ended state denotes a successful tap.
Public classTapGestureRecognizerComponentScript
Wraps a tap gesture in a component
Public structureGestureTouch
Contains a touch event
Public structureImageGestureRecognizerComponentScriptImageEntry
Entry for an image gesture
Public delegateGestureRecognizerCallbackMainThreadDelegate
Main thread callback
Public delegateGestureRecognizerStateUpdatedDelegate
Gesture recognizer state change event - gesture.CurrentTrackedTouches contains all of the current touches
Public delegateGestureRecognizerUpdated
Obsolete, use GestureRecognizerStateUpdatedDelegate